News from the world of IT (1. 5. - 8. 5. 2015)

News from the world of IT (1. 5. – 8. 5. 2015)

This week ends earlier thanks feast, but we don´t forgive for you and bring you the summary of the most interesting news from the world of IT in the past week. Enjoy a longer weekend!

Apple Watch comes

Here it is! Smart watches with premorse apple in symbol came finally on sale. So far only in a few countries but every watches are sold out, but – here it is! Fans of Apple are thanks them divided into two irreconcilable groups. The first group completely condemn them, but the second group absolutely adore them. What do you think about it? More information

Apple announced financial results

We stay with Apple a few minutes longer. Apple announced its quarterly financial results and it is very beautiful again. Shareholders will certainly appreciate it. The company earned a profit 58 billion dollars in the past quarter. Sales of iPhone in China, to which Tim Cook aim very strongly, have a significant impact on it. More information

Twitter shares fall

One of the most popular social networks, Twitter, can boast a user base with more than 300 million active users. Event so it is struggling with problems, especially with unclear vision to monetize of those users. Quarterly incomes of company didn´t reach of the planned 456 million dollars but only 436 million dollars, 4.4 % less. This thing was reflected in the decline of Twitter´s shares, which range now under 39 USD per share. More information

Logitech ends with OEM

Logitech company, one of the largest manufacturers of peripherals, announced the departure from the OEM market. It won´t manufacture white-label mouses for other companies, which use own logo. The company wants to focus on strengthening its brand and development of new technologies. The main reason, according to unofficial information, are low margins, which are associated with OEM products. More information

Author: Jirka Dvořák

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