News from the world of IT (1. 8. - 8. 8.  2014)

News from the world of IT (1. 8. – 8. 8. 2014)

Half of the holiday season is over, but there are still new and new attractions that deserve our attention. Google, for example, introduced a 64-bit version of your web browser. Apple upgraded its line of laptops MacBook Pro. And these are just some of the freshest news...

Google Chrome now with 64 bits

Although it took many years, but Google finally after a long wait and the coercion by millions of users, released a 64-bit version of your web browser Google Chrome. more precisely, only public beta. If you therefore you have been waiting for 64-bit Google Chrome, you can now finally start testing.
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Apple upgraded the MacBook Pro

Apple last week upgraded its range of laptops MacBook Pro with Retina display. Each configuration has gained about 200 MHz faster processor Intel Haswell has become a cornerstone of 8 GB of memory for 13 “models with 15” even 16 gigabytes In the USA also reduced the price of the new MacBooks, but in the Czech Republic it is exactly the opposite – basic 15 “model in our more expensive now 4,000 CZK.
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ADATA presents DDR4-2133 MHz

DDR3 memory occurred in 2007, so we have accompanied over 7 years long. It is time to replace them with newer and more modern solution that is offered in the form of DDR4. It promises a fundamental shift in power and apply, for example, with the new line of processors Intel Haswell-E. Similarly, it is expected that DDR4 will soon also apply to AMD, which currently represents DDR3 particularly in Kaveri APU considerable limitations.

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EIZO introduced a new 4K IPS monitor

EIZO is synonymous with the finest monitors. It finds its application example for graphic designers, doctors or professional players. For the most demanding customers now prepared a nice surprise in the form of the model EIZO FlexScan EV323, which is nothing more than a 31.5 “monitor with IPS screen possessing a 4K (3840 x 2160 pixels), ie four times Full HD resolution. It is suitable for both players, and even power users who need the highest quality.

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Author: Jirka Dvořák

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