News from the world of IT (10. 6. - 17. 6. 2016)

News from the world of IT (10. 6. – 17. 6. 2016)

AppStore waits for big changes on the Mac. GeForce GTX 1000 maybe ends the era of mobile graphics cards. Intel and AMD will delay the introduction of new processors until next year because of the stock of older models.

AppStore waits for big changes on the Mac

Phil Schiller, one of the key managers of Apple, announced some crucial changes in AppStore just a few days before the conference WWDC. Variant of subscription will be available newly, and for all types of applications indiscriminate. Possibility of paid ads will also appear newly. More information

GeForce GTX 1000 – killer of mobile cards

Mobile graphics cards will maybe become a thing of the past. GeForce GTX 1000 card could contribute to that, at least in terms of Nvidia company. Declining difference between the performance of classic and mobile cards should be a reason. Energy intensity also changes and consumption of classic cards that are almost comparable in both categories. More information

Voice assistant is improving

Google recently introduced application Assistant, a voice assistant, that is able to respond in a conversation and understand its context. Now Apple has decided to develop its assistant Siri in the same way, which will be soon enhanced with a functions of VocalIQ project, which Apple bought last year. It seems, that we can wait many interesting news in this area. More information

Intel and AMD will delay new processors

According to unverified reports, but which were in all trusted e-zines, should slightly delay news in the field of processors (from Intel and AMD). Expected processors Intel Kaby Lake-S and AMD Zen „Summit Ridge“ will be on the market next year. The reason is a fact, that the current models don´t reach such sales as expected. Both companies want to give more time to sellout of their stocks than release their news. More information

Author: Jirka Dvořák

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