News from the world of IT (12. 9. - 19. 9. 2014)

News from the world of IT (12. 9. – 19. 9. 2014)

Apple introduced the long-awaited successional model of iPhone smartphone. Eizo initiated to the market a new models of top monitors from series FlexScan with ultra-slim borders. Spotify prepars to change video-advertisement for listening music for free.

Apple introduced iPhone 6 and 6 Plus

The long-awaited September´s Apple Keynote, where apple introduced the newest model of smartphone, is over. We could see performance of two models of iPhone, 4,7“ iPhone 6 and 5,5“ iPhone 6 Plus. Besides these, there were also introduced awaited smart Apple Watch and new payment system Apple Pay.
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Apple increased protection of storage iCloud

We still stay in informations about Apple. Apple decided to initiate several new security mechanisms to protect the iCloud after affair with leaked sensitive photographs of celebrities. Once you sign on to your iCloud, eproximmately you get the message to your e-mail. From this message you can answer and stop eventuel attacker.
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Eizo introduced a new FlexScan

Eizo company, a leading manufacturer of top monitors for professional graphics, video-editors and physician, introduced a new variant of monitors series FlexScan. These new IPS monitors are characterized by markedly attenuate borders, whose width is only one millimeter. There are two models – EV2455 with 24,1“ screen and recognition 1920×1200 and EV2450 with 23,8“ screen and recognition 1920×1080 (Full HD).
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Spotify introduces video advertisement for uninterrupted listening

The Spotify has become one of the most popular service in recent months. It offers listening to music songs and streaming of video clips. Spotify will emit in the same qualite like paid in free tarif. It will exchange for watching advertisement. Advertisement will mapping every thirty minutes of listening. This innovation appears on desctop version and on mobile apparatus.
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Author: Jirka Dvořák

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