News from the world of IT (12. 6. - 19. 6. 2015)

News from the world of IT (12. 6. – 19. 6. 2015)

YouTube supports videos with 8K resolution newly. HGST introduced a hard disc with a capacity 10 TB. Apple started WWDC which is full of news. These information are the main news of the last week.

YouTube supports 8k videos

Not so long ago, what we rejoiced at implementation of support of 4K videos on the portal YouTube. Now, Google improved YouTube about support of 8K videos (4320p). These videos aren´t many, but we can wain in the future that this trend will grow up and videos in this ultra-high resolution will increase. More information

YouTube - 8K videos

Apple began at WWDC by showing of OS X El Capitan

Apple company, as expected, started the next year of WWDC conference by showing of several news. The first information was a new generation of operation system OS X named El Capitan. It brings more likely cosmetic improvements and the stiff presentation will be during the autumn. More information

…and streaming services Apple Music

Perhaps the most interesting new was the introducing of new service for streaming music, Apple Music. It´s a coherent environment, where the users can find video clips and songs of favourite artists, but also streaming radio. Part is also „social network“, through which users can join with singers and groups and they can follow them as in Facebook. The service will be launched at the end of June and the first 3 months will be absolutely free. More information

The first 10 TB disc is here

HGST company, now owned by Western Digital, a newly introduced high-capacity disc Ultrastar Archive Ha10 with incredible capacity 10 TB. New technology of manufacture promises that we will wait hard discs with capacity 18 TB very soon. Seagate is working on technology, which would faciliate the production of even 60 TB discs. But we have to wait for it some time. More information

Author: Jirka Dvořák

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