News from the world of IT (12. 8. - 19. 8. 2016)

News from the world of IT (12. 8. – 19. 8. 2016)

Intel bought Nervana. Seagate introduced a high-capacity SSD drive for SAS. Internet Archive has made available more than ten thousand gaming hits for Amiga.

Intel bought Nervana

Intel officially confirmed the acquisition of Nervana Systems. This startup supposedly bought for $ 350 million. Nervana promises progress in the area of so-called deep learning from the area of artificial intelligence. Cooperation of Intel and Nervana could lead to a significant recovery of this direction. More information

Seagate introduced the 60 TB SSD

Not so long ago, what Seagate gave hands off from SSD technology. But now everything has change and Seagate introduced a hot news – model with capacity 60 TB. This product will find its application especially in data centers and in devices with SAS interface. It should come on the market at the end of this year but so far with an unspecified price. More information

Internet Archive has made available 10 thousand games from the Amiga

Internet Archive has prepared an amazing gift for us. On the Internet is now available unbeliavable ten thousand games from former leader of gaming PC, Amiga. Games run directly on the tab of your browser. More information

MacOS Sierra revealed Czech Siri

The fundamental thing was discovered in the latest beta version of the upcoming macOS Sierra – it includes the Czech version of voice assistant Siri. It could finally appear in the autumn, not only in the new macOS, but also in the forthcoming iOS 10! More information

Author: Jirka Dvořák

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