News from the world of IT (13. 2. - 20. 2. 2015)

News from the world of IT (13. 2. – 20. 2. 2015)

RapidShare ends in March. Apple overcame the value of 700 billion dollars. Facebook and Internet.org started with rendition of Internet in India for free. These information are the main news from the last week.

RapidShare ends

The former world number one in the field of sharing servers, RapidShare.com, which was used as the home page of many pirates and crackers, announced its end. When trying to avoid the fate of its competitor MegaShare transformed its services into classical cloud, became a competitor of Dropbox or OneDrive. And as it´s obvious, the RapidShare couldn´t compete them. The service will be definitely closed at the end of March.

Apple has a value of over 700 billion dollars

Last week we learned that the value of Apple company cut a record 700 billion dollars ( almost 18 billion czech crowns). It was the first time in history of commercial subjects in the world. In particular mobile devices and from them especially iPhones stay behind this success. The value could still grow up after the start of sales of smart watches Apple Watch, whose introduction is planned for this spring. More information

Big sales of dedicated servers in Coolhousing!

Coolhousing has in its warehouse a great quad-core Xeon E3-1270V2 server with 16 GB RAM at an interesting price EUR 73,04 per month. The server also contains two 1TB SATA HDDs and, of course, all-inclusive hosting. If the customer is looking for even better price and can get along with a slightly lower performance and half HDD size, Coolhousing can provide with a server built on Xeon E3-1230, completed with 16 GB RAM and two 500GB SATA HDDs at an exclusive price EUR 39,50 monthly. If the customer prefers a low-cost server without high performance demands, customer can select one of two cheaper models: Intel Core i3-3220, 8 GB RAM, 500GB SATA HDD at EUR 26,31 per month, or Intel Pentium D3220, 4 GB RAM and 250GB SATA HDD at EUR 24,17 monthly. These are amounts on par with virtual servers. More information

Apple apparently prepares the electromobile

Apple company says about putting own electromobile. This is according to the latest – but unverified and unconfirmed – reports. Electromobile should compete modern electromobiles Tesla. Whether this prediction becomes, it´s in the stars. Apple doesn´t express on the development of future products. More information

Facebook and Internet.org provide free internet

Free Internet presents a vision of future, which doesn´t have to be so far away. Facebook and association Internet.org begun to provide already now in India the Internet completely free. Currently it´s used by more than 150 million users. This number should grow up in the future. First, in developing regions, and later on a global scale. At least hopefully. More information

Author: Jirka Dvořák

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