News from the world of IT (13. 6. - 20. 6. 2014)

News from the world of IT (13. 6. – 20. 6. 2014)

Even last week was not without a number of innovations in the field of information technology. Have arrived and as new high-end models of SSD drives from Adata, a new series of compact casing from Lian-Li or screens protecting eyes from BenQ. But that's not all ...

Computex brought a new Cases

Within the exhibition Computex, one of the largest events of its kind, we have had a whole series of innovations. One of the overlooked attractions but also the new cases, which find their application, for example in small servers and barebone kits. New cases from Lian-Li offers a very compact and elegant design with a glass hill. More information

Adata coming up with new SSDs

Adata Company, one of the most important players in the hard drives, unveiled last week, three new SSDs from category Adata Premier Pro. Two of them are in the format M.2 and then one in a classic 2.5 “design. This will offer a capacity of up to 1 TB. Disks should have transmission speeds up to 550 MB/s for reading and 530 megabytes/s for writing. More information

Google wants to increase the security of e-mail communication

Google has decided to join the struggle for secure communications on the Internet. This often publicized topic in recent months, particularly in connection with U.S. intelligence agencies NSA, has gained significant public attention. Google therefore going to complement End-to-End for its Chrome browser that provides email encryption using OpenPGP algorithms. More information

BenQ is a monitor with eye protection

If we watch every day ten hours at a computer screen, it is naive to think that it’s in our health no effect. BenQ, one of the manufacturers of monitors, which his fame mainly experienced at the beginning of the millennium, he decided to return to the big game with a new range of monitors, Eye-care. You have to be optimized to the smallest extent burdened user’s eyesight. More information

Author: Jirka Dvořák

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