News from the world of IT (14. 8. - 21. 8. 2015)

News from the world of IT (14. 8. – 21. 8. 2015)

Windows 10 had the first security update. Nvidia announced the new modules Quadro. We´ll wait on Surface Hub until January 2016. These information are the main news of the last week.

Windows 10 got the first patch

The new operating system from Microsoft, Windows 10, has already lived the first big security patches. 14 errors was corrected within the frame of update, some errors were identified as serious. Microsoft also give an active approach to the problem-solving and it seems that new Windows 10 become a suitable choice for users and less than six months, which are reccomended to new system because of “enhancement”. More information

Windows 10 - the first patch

Nvidia announced Quadro

Nvidia announced to initiation of the new graphics modules Quadro. These modules are specified for professionals, which homologize the performance and price. Model M5000 has an unbelievable performance of 4.3 TFLOPS, which is enough to mastering of four 4K monitors! Power consumption corresponds with it and with it has 150 W. Model M4000 has lower performance, “only” 2,6 TFLOPS. Both are the most powerful on the market. More information

Surface Hub was postponed

Wall all-in-one PC Surface Hub with a touchscreen would be between the revolutionary achievements. It will be used for teleconferencing or as a simple digital signs (which the dimensions correspond). But the date of sale was postponed until the 1st January 2016. It´s the question if Microsoft solves the low production capacity or tunes the final details. More information

Only one month into the new iPhone

We have a good news for lovers of iPhones. According to unverified, but very persuasive, information should Apple introduce the new models of iPhone in less than one month, specifically on 9th September. The new iPhone should be very similar to the present iPhone, but it´ll offer better performance, better camera and Force Touch, which Apple introduced on the MacBook. And that´s not all – maybe we´ll wait a new generation of iPad. More information

Author: Jirka Dvořák

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