News from the world of IT (15. 1. - 19. 1. 2016)

News from the world of IT (15. 1. – 19. 1. 2016)

Seagate introduced a new high-capacity drives. Google launches on new division, which will work on devices for virtual reality.

Seagate introduced 10 TB drives

Seagate company launched on two new models of high-capacity drives designed for network storage, database servers and so on. Models are with 8 TB and 10 TB capacity and it´s the first time, when Seagate uses helium in manufacturing. Both drives are in classic format 3.5″ and 10 TB is composed of seven plates and fourteen tape reading head. We don´t know the price, but it should be on sale in March, so we won´t wait long time. More information

Google created a division of virtual reality

Virtual reality will probably be one of the main subject not only this year. Google know it very well and therefore Google launched on new division, which will devote to virtual reality. In the past, Google engaged by its cheap paper headset Cardboard, but now it´s important to work on a moder headset, which would compete with models Rift or Vive. We should know more information at the conference Google I/O, which will be in May. More information

Author: Jirka Dvořák

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