News from the world of IT (15. 7. - 22. 7. 2016)

News from the world of IT (15. 7. – 22. 7. 2016)

People catch the Pokemons. Microsoft will offer Windows 10 as a paid service. Nvidia planes weaker variant of the popular card GTX 1060.

Microsoft will offer Windows 10 as a paid service

Microsoft´s effort to free move of users from Windows 7 and 8 partially proceeded, but the adaptation of the new system isn´t holeproof yet. Microsoft already doesn´t allow free move to Windows 10, he wants newly offer Windows 10 as a standard paid operation system. More information

Nvidia prepares weaker GTX 1060

Nvidia will soon introduce a lightweight version of card GTX 1060. Compared to the standard card that has 6 GB RAM, it will be invested with only 3 GB RAM. But that´s not the only one difference. New card will be weaker in performance. The reason should be using the chip GP106-300-A1, which offers only 9 SM units – 1152 CUDA cores (compared to 10 SM units with 1 280 cores in standard version). More information

Pokémon dominates to the world!

Pokémon Go! is a new game of Nintendo company, which operates on the principle “augmented reality”. The game puts the once popular Pokémon in the real world, which users can “hunt” them. Pokémon GO! became immediately after introduction the huge phenomenon, which lured millions of users from all over the world. The game overtook of its popularity and user base already for example Twitter and overtook of its engagement even the Facebook. More information

Facebook tests ending encryption for Messenger

Encryption is now a popular property of communications tools. Therefore it´s not surprising that Facebook finally started testing of ending encryption also in Messenger for iOS devices. Sharp deployment should be during the summer. Facebook finally catches the other competitors, who have deployed encryption long ago – WhatsApp, iMessage, Telegram etc. More information

Author: Jirka Dvořák

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