Novinky ze světa IT (16. 5. - 23. 5.)

News from the world of IT (16. 5. – 23. 5.)

The past week has again brought some exciting news - for example, a significant acquisition company focused on the development of musical peripherals, which now buys Apple. Intel announced another new processors that exceed 5 GHz clock speed. And these are just some of the news of the past week.

Apple buys Beats Electronics

Apple invested in an interesting acquisition , the subject of which became successful by American rapper Dr. Dre, Beats Electronics. The purpose of this acquisition is to be further development of music technology and the development of new headphones for Apple devices. More information

Virtual reality is on the rise

Popular Oculus Rift , which is still in the developmental stage and promises first-class experience of virtual reality , becomes the modern phenomenon of our time . Now came news that function Oculus Rift extends also on Kinect sensors . The result should be a first-class impression of virtual reality. More information

TITAN Z is delayed again

Longed Two-chip graphics card Nvidia GeForce TITAN Z to be the main competitive thrust against the Radeon R9 295X2 , again delayed. The probable reason is still unfinished repaired drivers . The card is already seems to warehouse distributors and should be released within the next week . More information

Devil’s gun from Intel

Intel decided in June significantly impact the market with high-performance processors. We should be so eager new model , which carries a provisional codename Devil ‘s Canyon and tact Offers in excess of 5 GHz. In addition, using a totally new heat conducting material for better cooling of the processor. More information

Author: Jirka Dvořák

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