News from the world of IT (17. 3. - 21. 3. 2014)

News from the world of IT (17. 3. – 21. 3. 2014)

Intel has prepared a number of innovations in field of processors. Crucial and Transcend introduced innovations of SSD drives. Mozilla has discontinued Firefox development for the Metro. These are the main topics of just ending week.

Intel presents the new processors

Intel showcased several new processors, which are especially useful for enthusiasts and professionals requiring maximum available power. Haswell – E processors, Broadwell processors and especially Devil ‘s Canyon processors promises high performance and utilization of new Thermal Interface Material, a heat conductive material, which will significantly reduce heating. More information

Intel Ready Mode: consumption to 10W

At Intel we stay a little longer. In addition to these high-performance processors is also launched new technology called Ready Mode Technology, which uses low activity and power Haswell processors to achieve minimum power consumption. Although it seems incredible, that should be less than 10W. More information

New SSD types from Crucial

Crucial is one of the leading manufacturer of SSDs and technologies that use SSD. Newly now announced the M550 series, which replaces the older M500. In comparison provide higher performance (550 MB / s read, 500 MB / s write) and alson should appear models with higher capacity. We should not missed hardware data encryption or NWA (Native Write Acceleration) technology. More information

M.2 and mSATA SSD from Transcend

SSD drives are a popular topic nowadays. It is therefore not surprising that manufacturers competing in the news. Transcend, another of the largest manufacturers of SSD drives, comes with two new SSD lines – mSATA and M.2. Its performance is similar, but differ in the socket. Its use will find the widest sphere of mobile devices. More information

Mozilla ends with the development of Firefox for Metro

New graphical interface Metro, which brought Windows 8, got a lukewarm reception (as well as the entire system). And this is the main reason why Mozilla has decided to withdraw from the development of the Firefox version just for Metro. Mozilla worked on it since 2012. More information

Author: Jirka Dvořák

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