News from the world of IT (17. 4. - 24. 4. 2015)

News from the world of IT (17. 4. – 24. 4. 2015)

With the end of working week we bring you summary of news the world of information technology. We look at the news in hardware and software and we remember to the period of forty years ago.

Facebook launched a Messenger for web browsers

Messenger, a tool for direct text messaging (chat) between users, belongs in the most busiest and the most popular Facebook application. Facebook recently makes available in form of easy web application on the webside Messenger.com. The service can be used also by form of extension the browser thanks a new user clients. More information

Microsoft celebrated 40 years of existence

Already 40 years ago, Bill Gates founded with his friend Paul Allen company Micro-Soft. It happened in the American Redmond in California. The company was later renamed to Microsoft. The company worked up on the top gradually but Apple deposed it thanks its innovations a few years ago. Does Microsoft return back into the spotlight? Maybe it succeeds thanks to the forthcoming Windows 10. Current management hopes for it. More information

Build 10051 leaked Windows 10

We can´t ignore a leakage of the internal build 10051 Technical Preview Windows 10, which occurred a few days ago. But the new version brought disappointment and it shows that will be less news. The main attraction should be a virtual assistant Cortana in this systém, whose operating will be based on artificial intelligence and will learn from its user. Will it be anough so that adoption of Windows 10 will overcome poor performance of previous versions? More information

Intel revealed SSD 750

Intel company revealed a new series of SSD to slot PCI-E with high speeds and reasonable price. For a while we waited a capacities 400 GB and 1,2 TB. In the case of higher model it achieves digit rate up to 2400 MB/s for reading and 1200 MB/s for protocol. Its price should be around 26 000 CZK, which is in regard on propotion of speed and capacity very nice sum. More information

Intel revealed SSD 750

Author: Jirka Dvořák

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