News from the world of IT (17. 6. - 24. 6. 2016)

News from the world of IT (17. 6. – 24. 6. 2016)

The most important news of the last week became at the WWDC conference and also in terms of acquisition of LinkedIn from Microsoft. Today´s summary won´t be only about these information.

Swift Playgrounds brings up new programmers

Project Swift Playgrounds, which Apple introduced at the WWDC conference, resembles to the Czech Robot Karl, who you maybe remember from primary and secondary schools. It´s a simple method of entertaining learning of programming, which Apple wants to increase the number of programmers in the world. More information

Apple introduced news for iOS 10

Apple introduced the concept of the new version of the mobile operating system iOS 10 at the WWDC conference. In this version, which will be available in the autumn, we will see several novelties. Finally, for example, will be possible to remove the default system apps. More information

Microsoft buys LinkedIn

Although it might seem that the moribund project LinkedIn will soon end, Microsoft sees a big potencial in it. He decided to buy the whole company for an incredible 26.2 billion dollars. It´s the biggest acquisition in recent years, which the professional public doesn´t understand. More information

AMD confirmed specifications of Radeons RX400

Interesting information came to the light several days ago that AMD plans except for Radeon RX480 also weaker models RX470 and RX460. They should get to the market before the end of June. Perhaps the most interesting information is that efficiency will be 2,8 multiple in both models against the 28nm generation. It will be a 2,8 times higher performance per watt. More information

Author: Jirka Dvořák

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