News from the world of IT (18. 12. - 25. 12. 2015)

News from the world of IT (18. 12. – 25. 12. 2015)

Swift domesticates quickly on the world of the Apple. TSMC is developing 5 nm processors. Microsoft prepares to implement to the browser Edge enhancement analogous to Google Chrome. These information are the main news of the last week.

Swift extends across the Apple´s world

Apple complied with its promise and released the programming language Swift like open source. Swift is now the motive force of the entire ecosystem around Apple and developers start to integrate its also to iCloud and desktop system OS X. More information

Apple overworked portal Apple ID

We still stay at Apple. Apple migrated the other from its services to modern design in the past week. Service for administration of Apple ID become to elected. After many years it got the design which beseems into current period, but many other functions and enhancements. More information

Information about extension for Edge escaped Microsoft

Information about upcoming expansion for the browser Edge escaped Microsoft apparently inadvertently (or maybe from marketing reasons?:-)). It´s almost identical with those for Google Chrome and it´s a major breakthrough – until now Edge was operating entirely without extensions. Microsoft tries to increase interest in it and epproximate it to users. More information

TSMC develops 5 nm processors

We can´t stop the progress and while efforts to develop of functional 7 nm processors reigns today, TSMC goes on and now focuses on the development of a 5 nm chips. But journey will be very long. Afterall, the first prototype of 7 nm chip was made only in October this year. We have to wait for 5 nm some time. Even so, this news is at least encouraging. More information

Author: Jirka Dvořák

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