News from the world of IT (12. 4. - 18.4. 2014)

News from the world of IT (12. 4. – 18.4. 2014)

Microsoft introduced a new concept keyboard . Facebook takes on financial services. Based Czech translation of the biography of Jon Ive. It heads are reports of the past week.

Microsoft introduces wireless All-in-One Media Keyboard

New All- in- One Media Keyboard from Microsoft promises a small revolution in the field of multimedia peripherals. It includes the dimensional multitouch touchpad. The keyboard has been designed especially for Windows 8. Supports other systems, including mobile devices. Charged has to endure nine months. More information

Robotics not only for children

If you want to of their children raise smart geeky, it’s time to develop their technical skills from early childhood . You can do this use a new set of TinkerBots company Kinematics. It is a modular system, which allows you to easily build your own personal robot. More information

Facebook preparing its own currency

After a long wave of interest in virtual currencies – led by Bitcoin – Facebook has decided to join in the action with its own virtual currency. The Company has filed a registration to the Central Bank of Ireland. We’ll see how the financial services start moving and how far is Facebook with their plans get. More information

Biography Jony Ive based Czech

Biography of Vice President and Chief Designer of Apple products, Jony Ive, will be translated into Czech. His biography is now based on the long-awaited translation of the Czech publishing house Blue Vision. More information

Intel Haswell published prices Refresh

Intel announced prices upcoming processor model Haswell Refresh. This model processors will form a sort of imaginary bridge between the current range of Haswell and Broadwell series of forthcoming successor. The most expensive is Core i7 – 4760HQ GPU Iris Pro 5200, for which we will pay $ 434. More information

Author: Jirka Dvořák

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