News from the world of IT (19. 8. - 26. 8. 2016)

News from the world of IT (19. 8. – 26. 8. 2016)

Apple is interested in the area of AR (augmented reality) and sees its future in it. Google Chrome will fully block Flash. Google wants to be a leader in video calling apps.

Augmented reality is the future of Apple

Tim Cook, the current CEO of Apple, said that the augmented reality (model with combination of real environment and virtual supplements, which uses for example the popular game Pokémon Go) is for Apple absolutely crucial and sees very important area in it that the company will address. It´s the first strong statement about AR from the Apple. More information

Google Chrome will start to block Flash

Google Chrome will stop supporting all content in Flash in the near future. Developers of whole range of other browsers also resolved to this step, and that has lead to a more active enforcement of HTML 5. More information

Ubisoft will release Rayman Origins

Game company Ubisoft has decided to release several games for free. It will be in terms of celebrate of thirtieth birthday. The last gift for players is game Rayman Origins, the fourth part of popular gaming saga Rayman. The game is in the offer from 17th of August for all users of own gaming system Uplay, where anyone can register for free without restriction. More information

Google strikes at FaceTime

Google decided to put KO to popular video calling apps such as FaceTime, Skype or Facebook Messenger, and attacks with new application „Duo“. Duo excels in absolute simplicity, directness and expecially speed and reliability. It´s a question, if Google will rise to become forefront in this segment. More information

Author: Jirka Dvořák

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