News from the world of IT ( 2. 5. - 9. 5.)

News from the world of IT ( 2. 5. – 9. 5.)

Last week, we again waited a whole range of new products. Despite Microsoft ending support for Windows XP offered a new patch, Nvidia us strains with new graphics cards and TP-Link has prepared an interesting switch for small offices.

Introduction Nvidia TITAN Z Moved

Contrary to the original expectations, the company decided to move the launch of a new Nvidia graphics card TITAN Z until next week. The card is equipped with two graphics processors GK110 cores with a total of 12 gigabytes of GDDR5 with a frequency of 7 GHz. More information

TP -Link represents a new 24-port switch

TP- Link, one of the leaders in the market with network elements , unveiled last week a new switch with 24 Gigabit ports and four SFP combination ports for voice and audiovisual services. It will be appreciated especially network administrators from offices and small businesses. More information

Microsoft corrected IE in Windows XP

It’s been almost a month since Microsoft stopped supporting its still the best-selling and most widely used operating system MS Windows XP. Yet now, said a major repair Internet Explorer browser that is available for this operating system. More information

Synology has introduced two new NAS servers

Company Synology introduced in the previous week, two new models of NAS servers. One has just four drives, the second is more like a router. Its application can be found primarily in homes and offices. More information

AMD introduced a new generation of processors

AMD introduced a new generation of mobile processors with low power consumption. This is a series Beem and Mullins and is expected to soon find their application in particular in new models of tablets and smart phones. More information

Author: Jirka Dvořák

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