News from the world of IT (20. 2. - 27. 2. 2015)

News from the world of IT (20. 2. – 27. 2. 2015)

Facebook is preparing an application for virtual reality. Apple has added support of Dropbox to iOS. The first 3 TB SSD disc is here! These information are the main news of the last week.

Facebook develops an application for virtual reality

Last year the Facebook bought the promising-looking project Oculus VR for 2 billion dollars. The time shows that it wasn´t another ordinary acquisition, but it was strategic step to future. Now Facebook is working on develop a new platform for virtual reality, which experience will amplify and will help to company to anchor its position in the first place in this new segment. More information

Apple has added suport of Dropbox to iOS

Dropbox belongs among the world leaders in the field of cloud services. Its store is linked with most applications that support storing of data in the cloud. It isn´t surprising that Apple finally swung and integrated support of these services to its mobil operation system iOS. Users of iPhone or iPad will be able to work with the saved files. More information

USB 3.1 and type C finally arrived at the motherboards

Standard USB 3.1. and type C was introduced in the last year. Finally last week ASRock introduced us the first motherboards that support these technologies. Specially, it will be boards with chipsets X99 and Z97 for series Extreme 6 and 3.1. More information

3 TB SSD is coming

Do you need a really big and extremely fast disc space? The obvious choice for speed is SSD, but enough large disc wasn´t in the market. Finally we have waited for the first swallows, which brings incredible 3 TB. Under the new disc with 2,5“ and boundary of SATA 6 Gbps stays the Fixstars company, which now works on 5 TB version. More information

Author: Jirka Dvořák

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