News from the world of IT (20. 3. - 27. 3. 2015)

News from the world of IT (20. 3. – 27. 3. 2015)

Microsoft releases the Windows 10 absolutely free also for pirates. Facebook introduces payments in messages between friends. Domain .com celebrated thirty years of its existence. These information are the main news from the last week.

Windows 10 will come in the summer and will be free

Microsoft announced that the new version of Windows operating system will appear in the summer. It will be in 111 languages for 190 countries. Upgrade will be absolutely free, regardless of it whether user will be upgraded from legal or illegal copy. Microsoft believes in gradual achievement of full legalization of its operating systém between users. More information

Facebook introduces payments in the messages

Through classical messages on Facebook it will be possible to pay. It a big news. The whole service would appeare in testing operation and first only in the USA. Facebook gave notice some time ago its intention to engage in segment of electronic payments. It the new service proves and shows like safe, it could soon expand globally. More information

Domain .com is with us for 30 years

Thirty years celebrated this week the most widely TLD domain .com. Before 30 years, 15th March 1985, was like the first registered domain symbolics.com. It was from the manufacturer of computers Symbolics Inc. The second domain BBN.com and the third Think.com, both registered 14th April 1985. Until today were registered more than 117 billions .com domains and every second will be added one new. More information

Force Touch shows the future of control

Apple agitated waters its keynote last week where introduced a new MacBook and smart watches Apple Watch. Both products have a function Force Touch. It extends the force of pressure here – user achieves a normal click habitual actions. Stronger click is activated other attached function. These functions are other strong advance in the ergonomics. The force of pressure should be appeared also in new model of iPhone or tablet iPad. More information

Author: Jirka Dvořák

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