News from the world of IT (22. 5. - 29. 5. 2015)

News from the world of IT (22. 5. – 29. 5. 2015)

Another year of WWDC approached. Apple made available to developers new statistics. Lily Camera gains millions of fans around the world, although it isn´t placed on the market in final form yet.

This year´s WWDC starts on 8th of June

Already on 8th of June starts another year of WWDC conference. This conference is intended primarily for developers on platforms of operating systems from Apple. As usual, we wait to see introducing of new versions of systems iOS and OS X. Tickets were sold as usual during the short time, despite of price 1599 USD. More information

Apple made available to developers new statistics

We still wait in Apple. Developers of applications from the Apple have newly available, only in beta version for now, a new survey of interesting data and statistics relating to their application. The tool is available through interface of the iTunes Connect, by which developers manage their creations in the ecosystem Apple. More information

Skype Translator is already on trial

Microsoft introduced its ambitious plans to create of application Skype Translator st the end of the last year. This application can translate in real time spoken word between various languages. Now it is available in version Preview for systems Windows 8.1 or actual releases of Windows 10. For now a language skills is relatively poor and duly Czech isn´t there. Perhaps, we wait in the future. More information

Lily Camera – hit of the Internet and the future of cameras

In the last 2 weeks, everybody speaks about a new combination of a drone and camera, project Lily Camera. It is a clever toy for everybody, who love to take a photos and film from heights – you throw Lily into the air and it activates and flies alone. Lily follows up its user and films or photos of your choice. It´s also waterproof and you can use it through water sports. The price isn´t liquidation, it is about 12 000 CZK. More information

Author: Jirka Dvořák

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