News from the world of IT (22. 7. - 29. 7. 2016)

News from the world of IT (22. 7. – 29. 7. 2016)

Megaupload returns victoriously! Seagate introduced a trio of high-capacity HDD. Intel surprised at new generation Coffee Lake.

Megaupload is back!

Once popular server for data storage, Megaupload, returns! The project, which launched a controversial Kim Dotcom in 2005 and that was stopped 4 years ago thanks to the judicial decision, come back to life. Whether it will be generate fabulous assets 115 000 dollars a day in net earnings, it´s still in the stars. More information

The next iPhone will come with 32 gigabytes in base

We should wait for introduction of the new iPhone already in September or October. More or less verified reports begin to leak to the Internet, about what will offer. According to relatively reliable information, it should finally have a storage capacity of 32 gigabytes in base model. More information

Seagate introduced new 10 TB disks

Seagate company introduced just three new high-capacity disks, which offer 10 TB. It´s a series Barracuda Pro, SkyHawk and IronWolf. Seagate wants to show that mechanical disks still don´t belog to the old iron and high capacity and sufficient cache (available up to 256 MB) can compete with SSD and substantially lower price. More information

Intel prepares 14nm Coffee Lake

Intel comes with some changes in its conception recently. An interesting news is information that in addition to 10nm processors Cannonlake we will also wait a new series of 14nm six-core processors Coffee Lake. These processors will offer good performance at a good price and will serve as a bridge between existing solutions and the advent of 10nm Cannonlake. More information

Author: Jirka Dvořák

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