News from the world of IT (24. 7. - 31. 7. 2015)

News from the world of IT (24. 7. – 31. 7. 2015)

Twitter will rectify its reputation among developers. Windows 10 is approaching slowly. iPod (yet) doesn´t die and it´s fresh. These information are the main news of the last week.

Twitter wants to correct cracked relationships with developers

The popular social network Twitter lived a dramatic development. To failure of many promising applications resulted often-critized restricted access to its API and too stiff control of software, which used it. Now it seems that the management of this company came to senses and decided to be more open to developers. This could lead to a significant reduction in prices of the most popular Twitter clients of third-party. More information

News about Windows 10

We can expect slowly to introduction of full version of Windows 10. It replaces outgoing and user-hated Windows 8.1, which received perhaps the biggest critism from Windows 97. Portal WinBeta summarized the actual news about Windows 10 to the review article. Among other things, we will know that Windows 10 won´t require an activation and user´s support is planned for 10 years from release. More information

Intel Core i7-6700K Skylake with stroke 5,2 GHz is coming

Just a few weeks separate us from the introduction of new line of processors Intel Skylake. Assorted tests are already leaking to the public, including possibility of overclocking of model 6700K up to incredible 5,2 GHz. The processor was air cooled and powered by 1,35 V in the test. The new series of processors should start to use from 5th August 2015. More information

iPod is still alive – and better then ever

Nowadays it seems that dedicated device like the iPod hasn´t sense, but the opposite is true. Although Apple recently placed Apple Watch to the position of iPod on its webside, we waited for introduction of the new models of iPod Touch, Shuffle and Nano on Monday. The new iPod Touch revealed the extraordinary progress in optimalization of battery and this could occur in the upcoming new version of iPhone. More information

Author: Jirka Dvořák

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