News from the world of IT (25. 9. - 2. 10. 2015)

News from the world of IT (25. 9. – 2. 10. 2015)

Even this week wasn´t avaricious to news from the IT technologies. Many things concerned security but also interesting announcements. Let´s look at the most interesting news.

App store was attacked by malware

Apple had to solve the most serious security problem with App Store at the beginning of ending week. Malware XcodeGhost got into dozens of popular applications, for example popular client WeChat or Angry Birds 2. This malware can obtain access to sensitive data and endanger the safety of using of the appropriate iOS device. More information

WatchOS 2 is out

Apple finally released after a short delay against original date of new version of its operating system for smart watches Apple Watch, WatchOS. The delay was thanks discovery of serious security error that Apple´s programmers had to fix. The actual update brings some innovations, from functional to design site. More information

WD cancels Green and will focus on Blue

Western Digital company announced that in the near future will cancel the disc series Green and will focus on Blue series. The reason should be to facilitation the selection of customers. Four major series of discs will remain in the portfolio of WD. Ending of Green series and bigger support of Blue can lead to granting of higher performance of disc in this sector. More information

D-Link accidentally leaks private keys

D-Link company left in its firmware also a range of private keys and thus markedly facilitated the work of hackers and crackers. Wasn´t a problem to sign also falsified firmware and publish it as original, which could lead to massive attack on the routers of this brand. If someone did this abuse, not been found. More information

Author: Jirka Dvořák

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