News from the world of IT (26. 1. - 29. 1. 2016)

News from the world of IT (26. 1. – 29. 1. 2016)

Google pays Apple 1 billion dollars for its search a year. Wake-on-LAN has a competition from SilverStone.

Google pays Apple a billion dollars for search a year

Apple prioritizes for search function of its direct competitor, Google company, in its facilities. While Google is at the forefront of the development of the Android operating system, which is direct competition for iOS, is also primarily a leader in the Internet search. Apple primarily prioritizes this function in its facilities. But it´s not a favor. It became clear that Google pays Apple a billion dollars every year that Google browser will be prioritized on devices of Apple. More information

ES01-PCIe as an alternative to WoL

SilverStone company prepared an interesting novelty. It´s a device ES01-PCIe, card and compact remote control stick in one set. It´s a direct “competition” for the Wake-on-LAN function. It works up to twenty meters and controller contains only two buttons with functions start and reset. Device will come on the market this week and for the price of 15 USD. More information

Author: Jirka Dvořák

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