News from the world of IT (27. 2. - 6. 3. 2015)

News from the world of IT (27. 2. – 6. 3. 2015)

YouTube can´t make money even with a billion active users. Pebble competes with Apple Watch. Valve comes with own VR headset. These information are the main news of the ending week.

YouTube even barters away with a billion users

American The Wall Street Journal looked at the detail of service YouTube which belongs to Google. It turned out, despite the fact that more than a billion people look at videos from YouTube every month, a service is unprofitable for Google. This thing could change with subscription services which will come soon in YouTube. More information

Pebble comes with smart watches Time

Campaign of watches Pebble appeared on Kickstarter three years ago. Later this campaign became a successful campaign around the portal with more than ten million dollars. Now Pebble comes with a new project, which wants to compete with Apple Watch, which we will see in two months. We can get a new model of smart watches of Pebble for 179 dollars. More information

SteamVR – promising VR headsetem

We can hear about the virtual reality everywhere in recent years, although all proper headsets are still in the plane of prototypes. Now comes another. Valve Company, operator of the gaming platform Steam, prepares Headset SteamVR. More information we could know next week, when in the US San Francisco will be conference GDC (Game Developers Conference). More information

Microsoft revealed DirectX 12

Microsoft company finally revealed more information about new DirectX 12. In its framework would finally be fully interlacing of graphics performance of Radeon and GeForce cards and somebody speaks even about asychronous multi-GPU qualities. New DirectX 12 should appear probably around Christmas. Other specifications we would know in the GDC conference which will be next week. More information

Author: Jirka Dvořák

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