News from the world of IT (27. 3. - 3. 4. 2015)

News from the world of IT (27. 3. – 3. 4. 2015)

Last week didn´t bring a great news or shocking announcement. Nevertheless, we have waited for several new attractions. What´re the news?

Apple ends with support for Windows 7 on MaxBooks

Apple supported until now on its laptops MacBook option of installing Windows 7, through its instrument Bootcamp. Although this option isn´t supported in the newest models of MacBook Air and MacBook Pro with processor´s series Broadwell. Apple supported only Windows 8/8.1 in 64-bit version. More information

Emtec prepared double-sided flash disc

After a recent launch of the new MacBook we have waited for the flood of the new devices with support of divide USB-C. Because it still wasn´t a standard and furthermore isn´t this port backwards-compatible with expanded USB-A, company Emtec came at its new flash disc DUO USB-C with an interesting solution. From the one side of divide USB-C enables to draw all benefits and from the second side od divide USB-A using wide support of this standard. More information

Big sale of dedicated servers is back!

Warehouses of Coolhousing company contain a few remaining storage servers prepared for leasing. For a fantastic price of just 26,31 EUR per month, you can have a high-performing HP machine with an AMD processor and 1 Gbps of connectivity. More information

MSI will visit Czech universities

Company MSI will come to three Czech universities – in Brno, Pilsner and České Budějovice. It introduced here to students the newest technical innovations especially from the area of graphics and gaming industry and it gives also small gifts. We will see what these visitations bring to MSI company. It´s possible incerease in sales or capable graduates into their company. More information

Microsoft renamed Universal Apps on Windows Apps

A minor change occurred in the applications included into the Universal Apps designated for Windows 10. Microsoft replaced the title Universal Apps for new – Windows Apps. Microsoft hopes that tunes customers to greater interest on these applications. However it seems that it´s other desperate „solution“ which would have to rise these applications. More information

Author: Jirka Dvořák

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