News from the world of IT (28. 8. - 4. 9. 2015)

News from the world of IT (28. 8. – 4. 9. 2015)

Today´s summary of news from the world of IT will revolve around Apple and its news. Last week brought many interesting information...

Apple TV with iOS 9 will bring fundamental news

The actual version of “set-top box” Apple TV is three years old and recently is speculated that Apple will introduce its new form in September od October. It should be based on iOS 9, should support to controller directly from iPhone and Siri won´t miss. Obviously, there will be a significant increase of computing power. More information

Tim Cook got 58 million dolars for Apple´s result

Tim Cook, chief executive of Apple, got as a reward for achieving impressive financial results fifty-eight million dolars, about 1,5 billion crowns. The shares are in fact paid to Jim Cook in the corresponding value, if he reaches the location of Apple in the first third of the most valuable companies from S&P index. How it seems, he doesn´t problem with this location. More information

Microsoft prepares an application for 3D scanning

Virtual reality of 3D printing are the areas, which pass through an incredible boom. Howewer, the modeling of the objects so, that it could be used to in this sphere, costs a lot of money. 3D scanners are still very expensive equipment. Microsoft decided to solve this problem with application, which can change the classic iPhone to a full 3D scanner. More information

Vmware Fusion 8 is coming

The most favourite tool for virtualization, especially on OS X platform, Vmware Fusion, has finally wait another version. The eighth version offers full support of OS X El Captain and Windows 10 and also voice assistant from Windows, Cortany. There is also 3D acceleration with support of DirectX 10, OpenGL 3.3 and many other innovations. More information

Author: Jirka Dvořák

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