News from the world of IT (29. 8. - 5. 9. 2014)

News from the world of IT (29. 8. – 5. 9. 2014)

Apple finally announced the date of introduction of the iPhone sixth Mozilla preparing to integrate ads directly into Firefox. Windows XP Service Pack have unofficial fourth These are just some of the top news of the week just ended.

(Not only) iPhone 6 have already September 9

Apple finally sent out an invitation to his long-awaited keynote. It will be held September 9th at the premises of the Flint Center for Performing Arts at the University Cupertinské De Anza College. At this event, which has an appropriate slogan “Wish Could we say more” would presumably should see a new model of the iPhone, according to some analysts, even in two variants, and starts again speculate also about smart watch iWatch.
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Mozilla wants to integrate advertising directly into your browser

Last nightly build (the. Night build) popular web browser Mozilla Firefox delivers news in the form of advertising directly integrated into the browser. The so-called sponsored tiles appear in a new tab the most visited web pages. The main purpose would be to facilitate apparently use the browser to new users. Well, let us be surprised …
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Windows XP have unofficial Service Pack 4

Although Microsoft officially ended support of its most widely used operating system MS Windows XP, but with regard to its enduring popularity to update it as their way. Greek developer who says “harkaz” is so relaxed. Service Pack 4, which contains all the necessary application updates and last but not least, modifying the registry, called. POSReady.
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Seagate comes with 8 TB disks

Despite the ever increasing popularity of SSDs have a standard mechanical drives still on top, mainly because of the price and the offered capacities. Seagate now in this field presents another step forward. It is the first 8 TB drives. Technical specifications is still missing, so the details we have to wait a little longer. But one can assume that complement the company’s existing series of Seagate Enterprise. According to some reports, then soon we should see a 10 TB drives.
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Author: Jirka Dvořák

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