News from the world of IT (29. 7. - 5. 8. 2016)

News from the world of IT (29. 7. – 5. 8. 2016)

Verizon buys Yahoo! Apple has sold more than a billion iPhones. Firefox connects to compete in blocking of Flash.

Apple sold a milliard iPhones

Apple managed to sell more than 1 billion smartphones in 9 years of their existence. Tim Cook announced this information at a meeting with his staff only a few hours after the presentation of financial results for the last quarter. Apple, however, again decreased in sales and profit. More information

Verizon buys Yahoo!

The once popular service Yahoo!, which was synonymous of web services for many Internet users in the nineties, changes owner. Mobile operator Verizon bought it for less than 5 billion dollars, a small fraction of its erstwhile value. Verizon hasn´t said its plans but will certainly be very interesting to see what it do with the moribund service. More information

Firefox will block Flash

Firefox will gradually block Flash since August. First only part of the content will be blocked and from the next year Flash will run only on request. Firefox joins to other leaders in the market who block Flash for some time. It´s not surprising, because this obsolete technology has its best days on the trot and now HTML5 succesfully replaces it. More information

Acronis Backup 12 comes

Popular tool for data backup, Acronis Backup, comes with the twelfth version. This version will find its application for end-users and also for example in Windows servers, which facilitate data backup to the cloud and simplifies and accelerates the whole process. Interestingly, it can also work with virtual systems and supports fifteen platforms. More information

Author: Jirka Dvořák

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