News from the world of IT (3. 10. - 10. 10. 2014)

News from the world of IT (3. 10. – 10. 10. 2014)

Microsoft introduced a new version of Windows. Adobe agreed with Google and it prepare Photoshop for Chrome OS. SSD (not only) for James Bond. Apple finished with PayPal.

Microsoft introduced a new version of Windows

The company Microsoft introduced a new version of operating system MS Windows in the beginning of this week. Suprisingly, after Windows 8 isn´t a version 9, but just 10. This version was inspired by the newest version of OS X from Apple. System Windows 10 will be available for desktops and for mobile devices too. More information

Adobe prepare Photoshop for Chrome OS

Adobe entered into an agreement with Google, where will be a good news for users of modern Chromebooks – they wait for a native version of Photoshop. Until now some professional applications weren´t here, Photoshop was absent too, and this impeded to massive expansion. Designers won´t have a problem with the Chromebook and they can use it now. More information

SSD (not only) for James Bond

Under the name Secure Drive SSD discovered an interesting news in the UK. This news is SSD Authothysis with an extraordinary degree of security. The aim isn´t a speed of reading and speed of writing, but the aim is security. The manufacturer went so far that he allow the complete destruction of whole disc remotely too. Therefore you haven´t fear when you lost it of somebody steals it. More information

Apple cuts off PayPal

Apple recently introduced the new iOS 8 and promised integrate of payment system Apple Pay. Apple mediated with PayPal about integrate its services and everything seemed well. Eventually PayPal entered into an agreement with Google and Apple cuts off PayPal from all services. Now it seems that one of the real goals that the disposal of PayPal happens. This was a problem, which the one manager of PayPal feared and therefore he was fundamentally against the agreement with Google. Will Apple bring off it? More information

Author: Jirka Dvořák

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