News from the world of IT (3. 4. - 10. 4. 2015)

News from the world of IT (3. 4. – 10. 4. 2015)

Even in wild April weather we´ve forgotten to prepare a summary of the most interesting news from the world of IT, which appeared in the past week.

Samsung showed a new curved monitors

Curved LCD monitors have recently become an important trend and their popularity is growing rapidly. Samsung has prepared a new series of models for this year. The most interesting monitors are 29“ monitor SE790C or 31,5“ SE590C. All news models promise a wide viewing angles and true reproduction of colors. The radius of curvature is in larger models 3 meters, in smaller 4 meters. But we have to wait for prices a little longer. More information

Unboxing of the new MacBook

Although the newest addition to family of computers with apple in logo we will buy until April 10, a Vietnamese blog Tinhte.vn got one piece in early spark. We waited to see early unboxing of all pack with a new computer. Although the article on the blog was already getting off and a video was thanks to the intervention of Apple on Youtube prohibited, several portals copied the relevant information and took a picture from the video. More information

Tim Cook will give the assets to charity

We stay in Apple longer time. Or rather about its leader – Tim Cook – who assumed the role of CEO after Steve Jobs. According to his statement had decided to give all his assets to charity. He doesn´t have own family and he pays costs associated with the study of his nephew. We could wait this step. Although it´s not so significant assets, which for example Bill Gates gave to charity, it´s an extremely meritorious deed. More information

YouTube tries 4K videos with 60 fps

Video-portal YouTube tries a new things fairly regularly. It´s several Fridays when it began to support 4K videos and recently it introduced an even more unique video support with 360-degree coverage. Now comes with another innovation. In addition to standard 4K videos users will be able to record videos even with 60 frames per second. The resuld would be extremely high quality audio-visual experience. More information

Author: Jirka Dvořák

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