News from the world of IT (31. 10. - 7. 11. 2014)

News from the world of IT (31. 10. – 7. 11. 2014)

YouTube supports 60 FPS. HP introduces a revolution in 3D printing. Microsoft prepares Office 2016. There news are the main information of the past week.

YouTube now supports 60 FPS

Popular service YouTube started support videos with 60 FPS in the last week, in that case sixty pictures per second. They may have a resolution of up to 1080p, so FullHD. The advantage of these videos is increace of fluency in comparision with standard, that could have a maximum of 30 FPS. More information

HP introduces new 3D printer

Hewlett-Packart company introduced a completely new 3D printer HP Multi Jet Fusion. It should have a much higher speed of print and higher attention to detail and quality in comparision with current printer. Manufactured objects would be a much firmer than we used to 3D printers. More information

Microsoft prepars Office 2016

For a long time we expect a new version of MS Office for Mac. Here is a speculation that we could wait for a new version after almost five years and in the beginning of the following year. The Microsoft announced the start of work on Office 2016 for Windows platform, which should come at the end of 2015. More information

Twitter saves TwitPic

We informed you about forthcoming of service TwitPic not so long time ago. The Twitter should stand behind its ending, with his terms of using the service collided. Now it is everything differently – Twitter decided to buy a TwitPic. Here is a question if it wasn´t a smart coup of Twitter with a clear intention. More information

Author: Jirka Dvořák

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