News from the world of IT (4. 12. - 11. 12. 2015)

News from the world of IT (4. 12. – 11. 12. 2015)

Adobe says goodbye to Flash. Apple prepares the end of 3,5mm jack for headphones and Zuckerberg gives its property. These information are some of the news of the past week.

Adobe ends slowly with Flash

Critism over the years fell on Flash perhaps from all directions and from all personalities of various ideological movements in the IT sphere. Maybe that is reason why the company Adobe finally decided with this tragic anachronism say goodbye. Instead, it will be focus on supporting of HTML 5. More information

The end of 3,5mm jack for headphones?

According of the latest – but unproved – news Apple prepares to completely revamp in the next generation of iPhone. The change should be the omission of 3,5mm jack for headphones. It would newly be connected – in addition to the standard bluetooth – over the Lightning. Is it another baseless fantasy or reality? We will find it for three quarters of the year. More information

Zuckerberg will give 99 % of its shares to charity

The incredible 99 % its shares of Facebook, in a nominal value of about 45 billion dolars, will give Mark Zuckerberg to charity. This step is one of those, which announced after the birth of his daughter Max. He wants to provide for her and her generation the better future and world. We must say that the $ 45 billion can certainly help. More information

Second Samsung Gear VR is here

Domain of virtual reality experiences a new regeneration after twenty years. And perhaps next year would become key for it. Samsung wants to be part of this and therefore prepared a second version of its VR headset, which can work with phones of the same brand. So you také a tool which converts your mobile phone into a relatively undepreciated monitor for virtual reality for only 3 500 CZK. More information

Author: Jirka Dvořák

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