News from the world of IT (4. 3. - 11. 3. 2016)

News from the world of IT (4. 3. – 11. 3. 2016)

Samsung introduced new interesting SSD disk for data centers. AMD won´t be so bad on it, how it was considered. Apple and the FBI headed to the Congress.

Samsung introduced a gigantic SSD disk

What would you say to a disk with 15,36 TB capacity? Samsung prepared selfsame. Model PM1633a, about which was first spoken already in the last year, isn´t for general computers, but for high-powered servers to data centers. One piece of evidence is the SAS, which this 2,5″ SSD disk is equipped. It will be available in six variants. More information

Will AMD have a better future?

We recently wrote about the decline of AMD company, especially in the field of graphic cards. Maybe the future won´t be as bad as many people have predicted a few weeks ago. Financial results from the last quarter of 2015 is quite optimistic and it seems that AMD returns slowly on its place in the top… More information

Microsoft HoloLens – presale starts

Microsoft launched a presale of its headset HoloLens for extensive reality (AR – Augmented Reality). This headset works on principle of implanting computer graphics and additional information in the real environment, which user watches through special glasses. The price is unfortunately high. You can order HoloLens in the presale for 3.000 USD (about 75.000 CZK). More information

Apple and the FBI continue in the Congress

The US Congress has become another theater of contention between Apple and the FBI. The FBI requires accesing of user data and deployment of backdoor into their operating system iOS. The reason is protect against terrorism. Apple, however, protects privacy and security of its users and refuse to give in to pressure from the FBI. More information

News from Coolhousing

News from Coolhousing

We will continue with our serial next week. You can look forward to very interesting topic…

Author: Jirka Dvořák

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