News from the world of IT (4. 9. - 11. 9. 2015)

News from the world of IT (4. 9. – 11. 9. 2015)

The largest keynote of Apple in history is approaching. Nvidia dominates a record share with graphics cards on the market. PayPal initializes an interesting service PayPal.me. These information are the main news of the last week.

Nvidia controls 81 % of market with graphics cards

Analyst company Mercury Research released a report during August, that AMD controls only 18 % of market with graphics cards. Now this report confirmed also new analysis of company Jon Peddie Research. According to this company AMD´s share is only 19 %, while Nvidia, the market leader, holds a strong share 81 %. More information

September´s keynote of Apple will be likely the largest in history

Perhaps the largest keynote in history of Apple will be on Wednesday 9th of September at Bill Graham´s Auditorium in San Francisco. Apparently it will be the last keynote in this year and we can expect that there won´t be only introduction of new generation of iPhone but also tablets iPad and new model of Apple TV, which should go through very expressive evolution against the previous model. More information

What will the iPhone 6S introduce?

We wait with keynote little bit longer. The key point will be clearly showing of new model smartphone iPhone. Generation with the most likely name 6S and 6S Plus should have better performance, better camera and the most likely we will wait for implementation of new function Force Touch. More information

PayPal initializes service PayPal.me

Payment portal PayPal initializes a new service PayPal.me, which aims at payments between friends. It will work so that the username will be generated unique URL address, and other users will be able to send money there. Purpose of the payment is possible to specify concretely. This payment method is increasingly popular in recent months. More information

Author: Jirka Dvořák

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