News from the world of IT (5. 2. - 12. 2. 2016)

News from the world of IT (5. 2. – 12. 2. 2016)

Provide a microcomputer for 5 USD. Apple fights with Google over leadership between the most valuable companies of the world. AMD Zeppelin will offer up to 32 cores.

Raspberry Pi Zero, computer for 5 USD

Raspberry Pi Foundation completely sold out its smallest and cheapest microcomputer, Raspberry Pi Zero, which was introduced at the end of November last year. The most interesting is price – the price of all microcomputer is only 5 USD. It can use like an useful basis for computer with compatible system with ARM architecture. More information

Intel doesn´t want non-K CPUs overclocking for Skylake

Some manufacturers of boards with chpset from the series 100 started offering the option to overclock non-K Skylake CPUs. But Intel doesn´t like it. When ASRock company brought this option as the first, non-K overclocking, Intel forced it to stop quickly. But the question is whether Intel manages to apply this restrictive approach and avoid users in overclocking of cheap processors. More information

Apple and Google are fighting for the first place

The beginning of the week brought an interesting twist after few years. Apple´s value has fallen below the value of Google, or its parent company Alphabet. Apple, however, came back on the first rung just few hours after Wednesday´s closing of stock market and became the most valuable company of the world again (more than 530 billion USD). More information

AMD Zeppelin – 32 cores and HBM2

Newly information appeared in linux changelog about the upcoming processor AMD Zeppelin. The original information leaked in very limited form to the public already in the middle of last year. Now the whole thing gets clearer picture. Apparently we will wait up to 32 cores and support of powerful GPU, which work with HBM2. But until now we don´t know real date. More information

News from Coolhousing

News from Coolhousing

We will continue with our serial next week. You can look forward to very interesting topic…

Author: Jirka Dvořák

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