News from the world of IT (6. 6. - 13. 6.)

News from the world of IT (6. 6. – 13. 6.)

Apple WWDC conference was launched in style - introduced new versions of its two operating systems. Corsair again last week revealed superfast USB flash disk. And what's going to Google?

Apple introduced new systems

In the opening of the annual WWDC developer conference, organized by Apple, we have had two very interesting news. This is a new version of the Apple operating systems, namely OS X and iOS. As can be seen, both systems will now be strongly interrelated and computer with OS X with links to the iPhone so you can even standard phone. More information

Corsair introduced a super-fast USB stick

Corsair, one of the leading manufacturer of USB flash drives, has introduced a new model of its flagship series, Voyager GTX. He and his speed can easily equal and SSD drives. Maximum reading speed is achieved record 450 megabytes/s, write speed is then 360 megabytes/s In this field, it’s the most completely unprecedented values ​​that deserves respect. Price 128 gigabytes version should come out to about $ 120 USD. Double capacity then probably about $ 80 USD more. More information

Google is heading into the stratosphere

Google decided to make high-quality Internet access and those most remote corners of the world. Any help would be him in the 180 satellites that wants to launch a low Earth orbit. Costs should supposedly be around three billion dollars. Let’s see how Google manages to take over the world and chained themselves to other users. More information

Intel introduced the future of mobile technology

Within the exhibition Computex Intel, representatives of his vision for the further development of mobile technologies in the coming years. The main trend should be to strengthen LTE technology and spread of computers with detachable display. You would, to some extent, could cause a new revolution and replace both the current laptops, and tablets. Whether this vision is fulfilled we will see after few years alone. More information

Author: Jirka Dvořák

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