News from the world of IT (6. 5. - 13. 5. 2016)

News from the world of IT (6. 5. – 13. 5. 2016)

Coolhousing will return you 10 % back from your order! AMD comes with a cheaper series of SSD ranges Radeon R. Chrome is the first among Web browsers on desktop. TIME magazine announced the most influential device in history – you can guess what is it?

Coolhousing will return 10 % back!

Datacenter Coolhousing has a special action for you – 10 % CASHBACK! It will give you 10% of each order back. Just order any service of server hosting, dedicated or virtual server and we will give back to you 10% from the price of the order. Confirm that a great service and a great price meet in our Coolna. More information

Cashback, ten percent of the orders back

AMD comes with SSD Radeon R3

AMD company introduced to market series of SSD with designation Radeon R7 in 2014. Now it adds a parallel series R3, which offers affordable SSD ranges. They will offer a more affordable price compared to higher series, but tax will be lower speed read and write. The reason is obviously cheaper and qualitatively weaker technology, which is used to produce of these disks. Despite of they can be the perfest choise for users of classic HDD. More information

iPhone – the most influential device in history

You can discuss about that or disagree with it, but that´s all, what you can do. TIME magazine specified the iPhone in the first place in the ranking of the fifty most influential devices across the history. This information unleashed a proper avalanche of conflicting reactions. What do you think about it? Does the iPhone have a demand on this degree? More information

Chrome is the first among Web browsers

While StatCounter, one of the largest world tools for analytics of web visits, says, that Google Chrome won the first place among Web browsers on desktops long ago, now also metric Net Applications confirmed the same conclusion. Chrome overcame primacy of Internet Explorer, while trio of the remaining opponents of the top positions – Firefox, Safari and Opera – left behind long ago. More information

Lian Li PC-Q34 comes

Lian Li company wasn´t very visible until recently, but now comes with some news. The most recently news are the small aluminum case PC-Q34, which can be very easily and effectively desintegraced and make available an internal equipment of computer. We can estimate that they will find their application not only in homes, but also in server rooms as practical case for barebone servers. More information

News from Coolhousing

News from Coolhousing

We will continue with new serial next week. You can look forward to very interesting topic about DNS…

Author: Jirka Dvořák

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