News from the world of IT (7. 11. - 14. 11. 2014)

News from the world of IT (7. 11. – 14. 11. 2014)

Russians removed the memorial of Steve Jobs because of the protest. Internet Archive released 900 arcades. Mozilla has prepared a new web browser.

Cook is gay, Russia therefore punishes Jobs

At the St. Petersburg Square grew the memorial of Steve Jobs in the form of an enlarged iPhone. This iPhone displayed information about this person. Tim Cook became Jobs´s successor as director of Apple company. Mr. Cook has openly admitted to his homosexuality, and therefore the Russians let the memorial removed. We call it „logic by Putin“. More information

Internet Archive released 900 arcades

The older of us remember to the games like Tron, Pitfall, Commando… These historical game „hits“ in a total of 900 pieces, are now freely available via the Internet Archive server. We can comfortably play the games directly from Firefox or Google Chrome. More information

Mozilla has prepared special – FX10

The Mozilla project, which stays behind popular web browser Firefox, has prepared for 10th of November release of a special browser. The new FX10 will be for developers and it should facilitate and accelerate the work them. We will find what it offers us but it´s clear already now that the main attraction will be variety debuggers and analysis tools. More information

Google changes the bookmark manager in Chrome

We stay at the Web browsers more time. Google changes the bookmark manager for newer and better solutions in browners Chrome. It´s called Google Bookmark Manager and is currently available as an optional extension. In the future, however, is calculated with its integration directly into the browser. More information

Author: Jirka Dvořák

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