News from the world of IT (7. 8. - 14. 8. 2015)

News from the world of IT (7. 8. – 14. 8. 2015)

We waited to exposal of the first trailer of Mafia III. Apple Music uses 10 million customers. And what problems have the California rescuers? All of this will be in todays summary.

Mafia III revealed – also with the first trailer

Probably the most anticipated game of the last years, the third episode of the legendary gangster series Mafia is finally officially confirmed and presented. As we reported last week, the 5th of August the company Studio 2K introduced this game new and showed the first trailer, which was very successfull. The game will get to the customers in the next year. More information

Already 10 million users are using Apple Music

Hot news between services of the Apple – Apple music reached an interesting milestone. The number of its users exceeded the magic threshold of 10 million during the first month of launching. For comparison – the leader of market, Spotify, has 20 million users, but collects them nine years. More information

How many VR headsets will be probably sold?

Many statistical agencies try to answer that exactly this question. A recent estimate by Gartner agency talked about 2 million items in 2016 and 5 million in 2017. Different numbers presents TrendForce, according to its will be sold 14 million headsets. Only time will show us who was closer to the truth. A new wave of 3D revolution slowly starts, that´s for sure. More information

California announced a reward for the capture of drone pilots

Like every summer, also this year numerous forest fires afflict California. One significant risk increased compared to previous years – drones. Specifically, irresponsible pilots, who with their drones fly over the fires because of pictures. The problem is that it threates rescue helicopters because it doesn´t fly up. California announced a reward of $ 25,000 for every apprehended pilot of these drones. More information

Author: Jirka Dvořák

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