News from the world of IT (8. 8. - 15. 8. 2014)

News from the world of IT (8. 8. – 15. 8. 2014)

Chrome browser gained market share more than 20%. Oculus Rift is built on technology from Samsung. These are just some of the news of the past week.

Chrome gained share 20%

A popular browser Google Chrome in the last month became the second most used in the world. Its share is 20.4%. Surpassing Firefox, whose share fell on the contrary, to the value of 15.1%. In the first place, then with 58% holding Microsoft Internet Explorer. For completeness, we should add that the fourth place went to Apple with its Safari, with a share of 5.2%.
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New resource with 80 Plus Gold

The Cooler Master introduced a new source of VSM series, Cooler Master V750. The whole series is the most powerful yet – offers power up to 750 W. The lamp efficacy is much as 90% and 88% efficiency. With these parameters, won the third highest certification, 80 Plus Gold. Source should be gradually included into the menu and its price would be around 90 EUR (about CZK 2,500).
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Oculus Rift “parasite” on Samsung

Popular headset Oculus Rift, whose second development version is now available (final version to the market does not yet exist), is apparently very relies on technology from Samsung. As demonstrated by the analysis of one of the devices, developers simply took the standard spare phone with screen Galaxy Note 3 and used as the display device. Similar “borrowed” elements but there is still a number.
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AMD introduced two new computational cards

AMD has now introduced two new models of computing GPU cards FirePro S9050 and S9150. It FirePro S9150 additionally include the entire category of the fastest, because overcomes performance 5 TFLOPS in single-precision calculations. Additionally, it includes 16 gigabytes of GDDR5 and has a speed of 320 gigabytes per second. Compared to the older model W9100 also reduced the maximum power consumption of 275 W to 235 W.

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Author: Jirka Dvořák

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