News from the world of IT (8. 7. - 15. 7. 2016)

News from the world of IT (8. 7. – 15. 7. 2016)

Avast buys AVG. GeForce GTX Titan P will come perhaps in August. AMD fixes a bug causing higher energy consumption in new Radeons.

Avast buys AVG

Originally Brno company AVG, which recently bought by the Netherlanders, is returning home. Now Prague company Avast buys this company! Both companies will merge to create a new sophisticated antivirus software. The value of transaction is amazing 1,3 billion dollars and it´s one of the biggest deals recently. More information

GeForce GTX Titan P hopefully in August

Nvidia could introduce a completely new graphics card with chip GeForce GTX Titan P already in August. This chip should reach, according to the leaked information, 150% of the load of the current chip GeForce GTX 1080. This card will be obviously appreciated by the players, but also it finds application in specific deployments with cloud servers. More information

Apple discusses about acquisition of Tidal service

According to The Wall Street Journal, Apple discusses about acquisition of competing music service Tidal currently. Specific conditions, about which representatives of both company discuss, however, remain confidential. If the acquisition happens, it could completely change the current distribution of music streaming services. More information

AMD Radeon – correcting of error with consumption

It was found that the new models Radeon RX 480 draw more power than is allowed during participation via Pcle x16 slot. AMD swiftly launched patched AMD Radeon Software 16.7.1, which solves this problem. Newly, the card will take a maximum 75 W (compared to existing 90 W). More information

News from Coolhousing

Problems with ControlPanel

ControlPanel is unavailable at the moment. The reason is an attack on our client. More information is here: https://www.coolhousing.net/en/security-violation-incident-statement.

Author: Jirka Dvořák

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