News from the world of IT ( 9. 5. - 16. 5.)

News from the world of IT ( 9. 5. – 16. 5.)

The past week has brought some exciting news. Whether it's leaking information about the upcoming game console from Nintendo or financial results of the company Nvidia. Check out these news with us.

Nintendo preparing a new cheap console

Former gaming leader, today rather half-forgotten company trying to survive with its Wii, Nintendo is going to rise again in the limelight. Any help would be to have a new inexpensive gaming console. It would not replace the current Wii, but rather to provide an alternative for young and emerging markets. We’ll see how Nintendo with this plan goes. More information

Nvidia has grown by 16 %

Giant in the field of graphics chips and technology company Nvidia announced its financial results for the quarter. Among them is visible on-year economic growth for a very nice 16% since the first quarter ended with sales of $ 1.1 billion. More information

Jony Ive receives prestigious award

Apple’s vice president and one of the most respected designers in the world today, Sir Jonathan Ive, receives another major award . This time it will be a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Museum of Modern Art in San Francisco. Recall that Ive is designed for devices such as iPhone , iPad or operating system iOS 7th. More information

Norwegian military testing Oculus Rift

Virtual reality is a term that is mainly in the mid- nineties inflected in conjunction with a headset VFX1 . Those times have long passed and many have had this dimension virtual reality for dead – before he came Oculus Rift . The super- HD headset kit for virtual reality. And it seems to taste her army comes , at least in Norway. More information

Author: Jirka Dvořák

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