Cool news from the World of IT (9. 9. - 16. 9. 2016)

Cool news from the World of IT (9. 9. – 16. 9. 2016)

Apple introduced the new iPhone 7. Data center Coolhousing is offering a new dedicated servers V5. Microsoft will open another development center in the Czech Republic.

Apple introduced the iPhone 7

In this week, Apple introduced the latest generation of iPhone. As it was expected, a revolution did not take place, but only slight evolution. By the iPhone 7 Apple basically just catches up competitiors and implements features and functions which another competitiors have already used. So at least let appreciate the long-awaited water resistance. More information

Coolhousing updated list of dedicated servers

Datacenter Coolhousing introduced a brand new offer of dedicated servers V5 series this week. Compared to the old offer, there is a significant change by implementing of operating memory DDR4 and fast SSD harddiscs. New HP and SuperMicro dedicated servers is now possible to buy at a price that is unreachable on the Czech market. More information

New dedicated servers V5

Microsoft will open new development center in Czech republic

Microsoft will open its second development division in the Czech Republic. This new center will offer two hundred new jobs. The first eighty employees should be working in the end of this year. The new division will take after unannounced new products, as well as improve existing ones. Microsoft has already have about 250 working employees, that working on the development of Skype in the Czech Republic. Their success and reputation motivated to the opening of another division. More information

Google reduced output of Chrome significantly

Google’s engineers have noticed an extraordinary success in last months. They managed a reduction of the energy intensity of Google Chrome by 30%. This means that watching videos is extended by almost two and a quarter hours than last year. Let’s see if is a possible to reduce energy intensity by another great numbers. More information

Author: Jirka Dvořák

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