Overview and management of services in a new form

Overview and management of services in a new form

For more comfortable access to service management and billing, we have innovated our customer Control Panel. The new version is more modern, more transparent and offers access to a whole range of administrator tasks, including restarts and reinstallations of virtual servers.

The Control Panel enables each of our customers via just a few clicks to manage billing information or lists of persons authorised to access the data centre, including the option of explicit permission to remove technology. It is just as simple to submit an authorised request to our administrators. Remote restarts, connection of KVM switches or configuration of reverse DNS records can therefore be resolved without additional verification of identity. The Control Panel also includes an overview of all of your agreements and invoices, including information about due dates and payment of issued invoices.

Virtual server users have numerous available administration options. The virtual servers can be switched on, switched off or restarted in the Control Panel, and the option is available to choose from a wide range of prepared installation media images and pre-installed systems (CentOS, Debian, FreeBSD, Ubuntu and more) to install an operating system or grant access to remote OS administration via an integrated console or VNC. In some virtual machines, it is also possible to install additional applications, such as a virtual office, from the prepared media images.

The Control Panel combines the options for management of all virtual servers of each customer into a single administration interface. A disadvantage of the VPSAdmin interface used so far has been the ability to administer only one virtual server and the need for customers using multiple VPS to remember multiple log-in information. A single user name and password for the Control Panel for each customer is now sufficient.

Like our other services, the Control Panel continues to be developed. In the near future, new functions will be available, which customers hosting physical servers will also appreciate. Like for VPS, physical servers will now include, for example, the option of configuring a reverse record of a hard restart of the server or displaying of statistics directly in a comfortable web interface.

We are confident that the new Control Panel will make administration of servers hosted by us more pleasant and simpler.

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