Coronavirus - Coolhousing precautions

Precautions against Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Dear clients of Coolhousing data center, due to current situation of pandemic Coronavirus (COVID-19), Coolhousing data center has accepted several sucurity/safety operation precautions. These precautions responded on the currect development and could be expanded/updated, according to the regulations of national institutions or development of disease.

1) Coolhousing data center employees have been lectured about the prevent hygiene precautions

2) Regular disinfection of very exposed places (door handle, keyboard etc.)

3) All employees, which were abroad, have been relocated to home office. Employees with symptoms of virus have been relocated to homeoffice or isolation at home as well

4) All employees´ business trips and the attendance at lectures, trainings and conferences were cancelled

5) Only employees of our suppliers, who were not abroad, can work at data center Coolhousing

Following precautions aim to prevent any damage to health and property and within common and public interest:

1) Every visitor of Coolhousing data center will be asked to wash his/her hands before come into technical parts of data center

2) Please, note that if your company employee shows visible symptoms of cold (sweating, cough, shortness of breath, drowsiness), his/her access to the DC building, will be denied

3) We highly recommend to consider the physical visit of data center and rather use our services: remote hands, or remote management KVM over IP, which was, is and will be always for free

Thank you for your understanding, cooperation and obey above precautions.

Coolhousing team

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