Price adjustment of Virtual Server and Microsoft licensing rent

Price adjustments for Virtual Servers and Microsoft licences

We would like to inform you that Microsoft has increased its licence fees for the Windows Server operating system, which, though regrettably, we must reflect in the prices of services provided with virtual servers and rental of Microsoft licences. However, since we emphasise that we are not taking this step with pleasure, we have also decided to improve the parameters of virtual machines.

We always strive to offer our customers the best prices for our services. Whenever costs increase, we look for suitable ways to avoid passing the increase onto customers, even though we cannot always bear the entire increased costs alone. This is also the case with the current change in the price of Windows Server licences by Microsoft, which we are forced to reflect in our prices for hosting virtual servers.

Beginning as of November 2013, we are changing the price of the basic VPS Windows product (2×1500 MHz, 1344/1536 MB RAM, 30 GB) from CZK 290 to CZK 310 per month. As a small consolation for the price increase, which we are not making with pleasure, we have improved the hardware parameters of VPS Windows and are automatically increasing the available capacity of operating memory from 1344 to 1536 MB. All that is necessary for this increase is to restart the virtual server from the control panel.

Microsoft’s increase in the prices of its licences will also be reflected in the prices of their rental for dedicated servers, for example. The monthly fee for each Windows Datacenter Edition processor is changing from CZK 2100 to CZK 2900, and the fee for the client licence for RDP access (SAL) is changing from CZK 114 to CZK 140.

If you wish to save on licences for the Remote Desktop, as an alternative you can of course use free solutions built on VNC. In the near future, we also intend to deploy remote access based on the opens-source technology SPICE, which we are currently testing.

We are confident that you will understand the need to adjust the prices for virtual servers and for licence rental and that you will remain loyal to Coolhousing.

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