Change of licenses price by Microsoft

Price change of MS RDP and SQL licenses

From January 1, 2018, Microsoft has implemented a new license pricelist to all SPLA partners, including the Coolhousing datacenter. Because we always want to be one step ahead; we assumed this move of Microsoft at the Coolhousing in January 1, 2017 and we already transformed entire infrastructure and customer infrastructure into a new licensing model year ago. And nowadays this work has returned to you and to us.

In the case of Remote Desktop (RDP) and MS SQL licenses, however, no preparation was possible and we are forced to change the pricelist on our side as well. In practice, therefore, price of RDP and MS SQL licenses is increasing by 10%, see the picture below. Thus we increase the price of these licenses by the same procent as Microsoft did.

SPLA by Microsoft

Customers, who have prepaid their licenses with the service, will not pay the difference in the price of licenses! The price will be increased by 10% only in new contracts, supplements and other service extensions.

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